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Introduction To Company Registration In Russia

Russia company registration can be quite advantageous for business owners. Russia is one of the largest countries in the world, occupying a significant portion of the Earth’s land mass. Despite the country’s population being mostly concentrated in large cities like St. Petersburg and Moscow, it is rich in natural resources, with enormous forests covering much of its geography. Another popular product from Russia is vodka, which brings in a substantial amount of revenue for the government. All these factors make it an attractive choice for investors looking to register a new company in Russia.

An Overview Of Russia Company Register Process

Despite the enormous size of Russia, its population is relatively low, with the majority of the population residing in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Moscow is a recommended place for company incorporation in Russia due to its superior infrastructure, highly qualified workforce, and wealth of resources. In Russia, registering a business only costs around 10,000 roubles. Moreover, Russia’s unique geographical position, surrounded by ten seas makes it easily accessible. There are several crucial steps involved in the registration and incorporation of a company in Russia. 

First and foremost, it’s important to understand the country’s legal system and regulations for company formation. There are many different business structures and company types, so choosing the best one is essential. The registration procedure itself consists of various steps, including collecting and submitting the required paperwork, selecting a firm name and location, figuring out the capital needs and shareholder structure, and fulfilling tax and financial obligations. Legal entities and notary services both contribute to the completion of the registration procedure. Once a business registration is done, it must continue to comply with regulations.

Types Of Companies For Registration Of New Business In Russia

Various company types can be registered in Russia when beginning a new business. These consist of:

Limited Liability Company

LLC is a popular alternative for small and medium-sized firms because it offers its owners limited liability protection and flexible management and tax options.

Joint Stock Company

A Joint Stock Company is a business with share capital that is divided into shares, and ownership is determined by the number of shares held. It could be privately held or publicly traded.


In Russia, there are various kinds of partnerships, including limited partnerships (LP) and general partnerships (GP). In an LP, there are both general and limited partners, with the limited partners having limited liability, as opposed to a GP where all partners have unlimited liability.

Sole Proprietorship

A sole proprietorship is a business owned and run by one person, also referred to as an individual entrepreneur. The owner is completely responsible for the debts and liabilities of the company.


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Why Register a Company in Russia?

There are several compelling reasons for business owners and global corporations to register a company in Russia. The rapidly expanding middle-class population in Russia offers a wide range of business opportunities. With a GDP of US$2.422 trillion, Russia’s economy ranks as the 7th largest in the world, providing a significant market for future growth. Additionally, Russia has a wealth of natural resources that open up several opportunities for exporting goods and services, generating income and jobs. In addition, the cost of living in Russia is considerably lower than in many Western nations, including costs for food, transportation, utilities, rent, and wages. 

Additionally, Russia’s participation in international groups like the G8, G20, Council of Europe, and Commonwealth of Independent States demonstrates its significance on the world stage. Last but not least, due to the country’s accessibility by both land and water, enterprises in Russia can benefit from affordable travel choices. These factors make Russia an attractive destination to register a limited company, offering potential growth, cost advantages, and strategic advantages in terms of access to markets and resources.

Benefits Of Russia Company Register Process

Here are some major benefits of new company registration in Russia –

Access to a Large Market

With a population of more than 146 million, Russia is the largest country in the world and offers access to a substantial domestic market. This presents a huge opportunity for companies to reach a diverse customer base.

Strategic Geographical Location

Situated at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Russia enjoys a strategic location for international trade. It acts as a crossing point between the East and the West, promoting trade and commercial opportunities.

Skilled Workforce

The labor force in Russia is highly educated and talented, especially in industries like engineering, technology, and science. Companies needing specialized talents or knowledge may benefit from this talent pool.

Favorable Tax Environment

Russia offers a competitive tax regime, with relatively low corporate tax rates. Additionally, there are tax breaks and perks available for particular sectors of the economy and geographical areas, which promote investment and business expansion.

Strong Infrastructure

Major Russian cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg have a well-developed infrastructure that includes roads, communications, and cutting-edge office buildings. This facilitates smooth operations and connectivity for businesses.

Cheap Utilities

In comparison to Western nations like the UK and Europe, the cost of living in Russian urban centers like Moscow and St. Petersburg is significantly lower. This cost advantage can benefit companies, making operational and living costs more manageable.

Eligible Business Structures For Russia Company Register Process

Eligibility Criteria For Russia Company Register Process

The candidate must be of legal age and be able to enter into contracts to be considered.
A minimum of one shareholder and one director is required for most types of companies in Russia. The director must be a resident of Russia.
There could be a minimum share capital requirement depending on the type of company. The minimum share capital for a Russian LLC and Joint Stock Company is 10,000 Russian Roubles.
The proposed company name must be original and not taken by another organization. It should also comply with the naming regulations outlined by Russian authorities.
For company registration procedure, you need a registered legal address in Russia. This address will be used for official correspondence and legal purposes.
The applicant must submit all appropriate paperwork, including identification documentation, articles of incorporation, and any declarations the registration authorities may demand.


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How to Register a Company in Russia?

There are various steps and formalities involved in process of registering a company in Russia. 

Decide on the Business Structure

Choose the legal structure that is best for your business, such as a Russian LLC, joint stock company, branch office, or representative office.

Choose a Company Name

Choose a name for your business that is unique, acceptable, and complies with Russian naming laws. Consult the registration authorities to see if the desired name is available.

Gather Required Documents

Prepare the documents required to register a company, which may include a copy of your ID, your articles of association, your address proof, and other declarations that are pertinent.

Notary Certification

Some documents may require notary certification, such as powers of attorney or specific declarations. You need to draft and notarize the documents and file them with the trade register. The process might take around 1 week and cost up to 200 RUR per copy.

Submit Registration Application

Fill out the registration application, then deliver it to the Federal Tax Service (FTS) or regional registration authority. Pay the necessary fees and provide the essential paperwork.

Obtain Tax Registration

To receive a russian company registration number and other necessary tax registration documents, register with the tax authorities.

Open Bank Account

Open a corporate bank account at a Russian bank to simplify business operations and financial activities.

Deposit A Capital In Your Bank Account

Before company formation in Russia, at least half of the charter capital must be paid in advance. A bank must provide this deposit, which acts as evidence of the capital commitment.

Compliances For Russia Company Register Process


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Documents Required For Incorporation Of Company In Russia​

  • Application form for company registration
  • Articles of Association (charter) notarized by a Russian notary
  • Proof of payment of state duties
  • Identification documents of the company’s founders, directors, and shareholders
  • Proof of legal address for the company
  • Shareholders’ Meeting Minutes and Resolutions
  • Power of Attorney (if applicable)
  • Bank statement showing that the share capital was deposited in a Russian bank account

FAQs About Russia Company Register Process

You can search a company’s registration status in Russia using the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (EGRUL), which offers verified data on company registers in Russia.

Yes, you are permitted to establish a business in Russia as a foreign person or corporation. However, it is advisable to consult with legal and accounting professionals to understand the specific requirements and processes involved.

To establish a business in Russia, a foreigner must follow the same procedures as a Russian citizen or corporation, which include meeting all legal criteria, submitting the proper paperwork, and securing all essential licenses and approvals.

The cost of business registration service in Russia can vary depending on various factors, such as the business’s legal structure, funding needs, location, and professional costs. To get a more precise estimate based on your particular requirements, you can contact our legal and accounting experts.

Russia currently has a 20% business tax rate.

The minimum capital required for Russia company registry is 10000 roubles.

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