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Company Setup In UK

An Overview On Company Setup In UK

Company formation in the United Kingdom is like opening a door to many opportunities for business owners from all around the world. The UK is an excellent location for Indian companies that wants to expand internationally as it has business-friendly regulations, a pleasant working environment, and even offers options to reduce taxes. Starting a company in the UK gives Indian entrepreneurs access to a strong economy, stability in the government, a strong financial system, and a skilled workforce that can fuel their company’s growth. 

If you are ready to form your company in the UK, then you need to register your company name. Set Sprouts is a trusted online platform that offers a wide range of services to individuals and companies who want to set up a new company UK. We can assist you with company registration, obtaining a unique company trademark, managing your finances and dealing with taxes, and many more things required to set up your company in UK. Our user-centric online portal simplifies complexities, enabling businesses to seamlessly fulfill their legal obligations. Set Sprouts is here to make things simpler for business owners in the UK who want to set up a company with the help of our knowledgeable staff and advanced technology.

Learn About The Types Of Company Registration In Uk

There are multiple options available for business owners in the UK for setting up an online business UK. Here is a list of the different types of company structures to start a business in the UK.

Public Company

In the United Kingdom, a public corporation is one in which the general public can own a portion of the company by purchasing shares that are available to all. Public companies must follow certain rules because they have many owners. They are also required by law to share vital information about their funds and how they operate with everyone who owns these shares.

Private Limited Company

A company structure where ownership is divided among a small group of persons is a private limited company. This form of company provides a level of privacy and control since the ownership is limited to select a few. It’s a popular option for startups and small enterprises seeking a balance of ownership and minimal liability. The main benefit is that the owner’s assets are different from the company’s assets, which means their belongings are not at risk if the firm runs into financial difficulties.

Sole Trader

If you want to setting up your own company without any partner, then the sole trader is the best kind of business registration structure for you. When you’re a sole trader, you’re the boss of your business, but it’s important to know that you’re personally responsible for everything. This means that if something goes wrong and your company owes money, you may have to pay it with your own money.


When two or more people agree to work together to run a business, they create a partnership. When they become partners, they decide to share the profits from the business. This sharing covers both the positive, such as profits, and the bad, such as money issues.

Limited Company


In the limited company structure, the responsibilities of partners are limited. They are only liable for the money they invest in the business. This means that if the company runs into financial difficulties, the owners’ personal funds are safe. You can set up your limited company today by consulting our experts.

Unlimited Company

In an unlimited company, whether it has shared or not, the people who are part of the company have a bigger responsibility. This means they are totally liable for all of the money owed by the company. They have to work together to pay off any debts the company has.

Limited Liability Partnership

A limited liability partnership is similar to a group of friends or partners forming a business together. This type of partnership helps protect everyone involved. If the business faces problems and owes money, the partners are only responsible for the amount of money they put into the partnership. However, their personal belongings, such as their money, are kept secure.


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Main Criteria For The Process Of Company Setup In UK

Starting a company in the UK may sound exciting, but there are a lot of rules and paperwork to follow. If you want to register a company in UK you need to follow the rules listed below-

Choose Your Company Name

The First thing that you should keep in mind for company formation and registration in UK is to choose a unique company name. Make sure that the company name is available and different from other business names. Also, avoid using any sensitive words to follow a smooth company formation process. Also, make sure to use suffixes like “Ltd” for a private limited company in the UK.

Provide A Registered Address

You need to give an official address of your UK registered office where your company can receive mail and legal papers. Keep in mind you should have a physical address in the UK if you want to form a limited liability partnership in UK.

Open Business Bank Account

Open a business bank account to manage company finances separately from personal finances.

Specify The Shareholders

Every company in the UK must have at least one shareholder, and there is no maximum number of shareholders that a company can have. Shareholders are like co-owners of the company, each owning a part of it.

Appoint Directors

For setting up a limited company UK, you must have at least one director. The company directors could be an individual or even another company. The director must be at least 16 years old and must be free of any disqualifying conditions for being a director. The company has the responsibility to share the names and addresses of all directors of the company with companies house. Also, provide company secretarial information while doing company setup in UK.

Documents Required For Company Setup In UK

Here is a list of important company documents that you will need to complete the company registration process in the UK.


  • Article Of Association
  • Memorandum Of Association
  • Company Directors Details authorised by Companies House
  • Company documents that contain details of shareholders
  • Company registered address in the UK
  • Id proofs and addresses of all owner
  • Details of business bank account
  • A Valid passport and Visa of business owners


Certificate of Incorporation providing details about the company number and when your company was formed.


Benefits of Company Registration In UK

Business owners looking forward to register a UK based company must check out the various advantages of company incorporation in the United Kingdom.


  1. The UK government offers financial programs that provide tax benefits to business owners and employees.


  1. Another biggest benefit of online company formation is the United Kingdom offers a lot of help, money, and startup spaces to help businesses flourish.


  1. You have a better chance of getting funding from banks and investors to set up a private limited company if you live in London, a major financial hub.


  1. You can make use of high-end technology and automation to form a UK limited company.


  1. Directors and shareholders may be from any country; they are not required to be UK residents.


  1. The UK’s strong ties with the US and EU help your company grow globally.

Process Of Company Setup In The UK

This 4 step company formation process will help you to set up a business without any problems or worries. 

Why Choose Set Sprouts For Company Setup In UK?

Set Sprouts is an excellent option for launching your company in the UK. We are the UK’s top-rated company formation agent, who ensures a simple company formation process in the UK. They offer company formation service at affordable prices to simplify the difficulties of getting registered at companies house. Our extensive range of services, along with a thorough awareness of regulatory compliance, ensures not just a streamlined experience but also adherence to compliance standards. If you want to be the UK’s leading company, then you must take the help of top rated company formation agents to ensure a smooth company registration process. So, stop wondering and set up your company today with Set Sprouts to grow your business in the dynamic landscape of the UK.


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FAQs On Company Setup In UK

A company formation service helps people and organizations to set up a company by managing the necessary legal paperwork and administrative responsibilities.

No, you do not have to be a UK resident to form a new limited company in the UK. Non-UK residents can also form a limited company, but certain conditions must be completed.

The process to form a company in the UK typically takes around 24 hours for online registrations. It may take longer if there are any issues or further evaluations required.

When your company is incorporated in the UK, you will be issued a Certificate of Incorporation, which will prove its legal existence and allow you to begin business operations and create a business bank account.

Even though the firm didn’t conduct any business, dormant company accounts in the UK must be yearly submitted to Companies House. This helps maintain legal compliance and transparency.

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